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Our Leather Patches

All of our hats don premium leather patches that are sourced from Wickett & Craig, a world premier leather company. The leather we choose is tanned using an eco-friendly vegetable tanning process, the traditional and natural way leather was meant to be tanned. This labor intensive process produces exquisite leathers, recognized for its deep character and rich patina over time.
Using this leather, each exclusive Burnt Co design is loaded into our laser burning software in preparation for cutting and burning in our industrial laser cutter. Our patches are cut in different batches from different hides, so each patch is unique.
Once the patch is designed, burnt, and cut, we use top of the line adhesives to back every patch. These are then delicately placed and aligned onto the hat of your choice and adhered to the hat by hand.
Since we source our leather as naturally as possible, you may notice your leather patches darken with time, as it is exposed to the elements. This is a tell-tale sign that you have purchased true, genuine leather. If you are lucky enough to be caught in a torrential down-pour while in the mountains, you may notice that if you leave your wet hat in the sun to dry, your leather patch may pucker slightly, much like dry skin. This is also due to the nature of the authentic leather we use. 

Cleaning Your Hat

The leather patch on your hat should not be soaked or put into the washer. Due to the nature of natural leather, when it is soaked and dried, it may shrink and compromise the integrity of the patch. Instead, clean your hat with a mild soap and toothbrush, avoiding the patch area. Spot rinse with a clean rag.